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We’re here to help. Please take a moment to read our FAQ if you have a general enquiry. If you have a general enquiry that isn’t answered by our FAQ, please use our Contact page.

For help with orders, please see the following help section.

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We take all reasonable care to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Please take a moment to look through the following sections if you do need help with an order.

My order hasn't arrived. What do I do?

Please log into your account here to see when your order was placed. Please allow three working days Tuesday to Saturday for baking and packing, and the full delivery time. For further information about when to expect your order, please see our Delivery Times. Please check that the delivery address you gave us is correct. If your item is still missing, please tell us about it using the form below.

We will review your order within 48-72 hours and get back to you.

There was another problem with Your order

We are sorry if there is a problem. Please let us know about it using the form below. 

We will review your order within 48-72 hours and get back to you.

Cancelling or amending your order

We only take payment once your order begins processing. If you wish to cancel or amend your order before we take payment, please use the form below. We will take all reasonable measures to carry out your request. However, we cannot guarantee this will always be possible and urge you to take all reasonable care when ordering from us. 

Once payment has been taken, no further changes can be made to your order.

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