How Gluten-Free are you?

Our kitchen is now a completely gluten-free environment. Our tools and equipment have been purchased for the sole purpose of making our gluten-free products and have not been used for anything else. Our ingredients are strictly gluten and wheat-free, from our certified GF oats to our potato and rice flour and anything we put in or on our flapjacks, doughnuts and other baked goods. We make as many of our constituent products as possible so that we have the most control over what they contain.

How "natural" are YAY! Flapjacks?

Wherever possible, Yay! Flapjacks don’t contain artificial colours or flavourings, the majority of colours we add are derived from natural sources such as vegetables, and any flavour boosts come from natural extracts. This isn’t always possible, such as for bright/dark buttercream and anything red velvet where the colour needs to be bake-stable. All of our jam is high fruit content because we want it be just that, fruity.

We keep preservatives to an absolute minimum. We don’t add any ourselves but there are a couple of components in a few of our flavours where preservatives are mandatory for a reasonable shelf life. These are clearly marked in the ingredients lists in our online shop. We believe that wholesome ingredients make for more delicious treats so we make as much as we can from complete scratch right here in our bakery-shop. We also use far less sugar in our recipes than we have seen elsewhere, under half the amount in fact! We don’t want our flapjacks to be too sweet, we are all about the flavour!

What about nuts?

Our kitchen is not a nut-free environment but we do operate with strict product separation procedures. We use a range of nuts in our kitchen but the key varieties are almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts. All Yay! Flapjacks that contain nuts are clearly marked as such in our online shop, and we make sure that any of our Collections where one or more of the flavours contain nuts are also clearly marked. If you purchase a Collection which includes a nutty flavour, please be aware that there is no product separation within the delivery boxes so this combination may not be suitable for those with a nut allergy. We also have lots of nut-free options so there’s something for everyone. All Yay! Flapjacks come with a detailed ingredients and allergens list, tailored to the flavour combination you’ve chosen.

Do you have ingredients and nutritional information?

Each individual flavour of Yay! Flapjack on our site has a detailed list of ingredients in the product description, with key allergens highlighted in bold. For our box sets, the key allergens for each flavour are listed and then there’s a link to each flavour in the collection so you can read more about them if you wish. Each flapjack measures approximately 2 inches square, weighs approximately 90g and has a typical energy value of approximately 400 kcal (1.675 kJ). The exact weight and nutritional content varies depending on the flavour and will be different for our different types of treats.

How should I store my YAY! flapjacks treats?

Your Yay! Flapjacks are best stored in the fridge or in a cool place so that they stay fresh and looking their best. You can keep them in the box they were delivered in, wrapped in the greaseproof and wax paper, or transfer them to something else, such as a foodsafe plastic container.

How long will my treats keep for?

Our flapjacks are really stable, especially if kept cool in the fridge. They will stay fresh and delicious for a good month…if you can resist for that long! If kept at room temperature, you should eat them within a week. Some flavours are particularly susceptible to the heat, such as anything with apple or topped with caramel or chocolate. Please be aware that in hot weather or direct sunlight, the overall appearance of your flapjacks may be negatively affected if not kept cool. However, this will not affect the taste or cause the products to be inedible. 

Our doughnuts and cookies are a little more sensitive and should be eaten sooner. Doughnuts are best within 4-5 days, cookies within 2 weeks or so. Keep them in the fridge and you’ll maximise their freshness.

I'm buying some YAY! Flapjacks treats as a gift. Will the recipient know what they're eating?

All of our box sets come with a list of the types and flavours of the products inside and information on how to access detailed ingredients and allergen information. So whether you’re buying them for yourself, for a gathering of friends or giving them as a gift, everyone can be sure of what they are eating.

Where do you deliver to?

We can post our Yay! Flapjacks to all parts of the UK, including the Highlands and Islands, Scilly Isles and the Isle of Man, but excluding the Channel Islands. We are currently not able to deliver our flapjacks outside of the UK. Please allow at least three working days Tuesday to Saturday for baking and packing before your flapjacks are out for delivery or posted (this may be longer at busy times and for more specific orders). For details of delivery times, please see our Delivery section. 

Does my order require a signature on delivery?

It does. We post out our flapjacks and treats using Royal Mail First or Second Class Signed For, so your postie will confirm receipt. For local deliveries via our Oatmobile, we can confirm for ourselves that delivery has taken place.

Can I collect from the shop?

You certainly can! Just select the option “Collect from the shop” when you check out. You won’t be charged for delivery or postage and your flapjacks could be ready for collection the next day (for Lucky Dip orders) or in as little as three working days for more complex/specific orders. Our working days are Tuesday to Saturday. Just let us know what day you prefer to collect them on and an approximate time if you know it, and your flapjacks will be ready and waiting for you.

I need help with my order. What do I do?

Please see the relevant section for orders in our customer support page.


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