Magnum Medley




These aren’t your average cake pops. Our Cake Magnums are rich and substantial blocks of moreish cake truffle, coated in thick chocolate and finished with all the deliciousness from our core menu of flavours. Enjoy them as a treat on the go, chilling with a coffee, as an after dinner chocolate or just because you feel like it.

Choose Magnum Medley and you’ll receive a delicious surprise mix from our Cake Magnum line up. The perfect choice for those who can’t decide, want a bit of everything or like an adventure. It’s all gluten-free, vegan and packed with deliciously truffley richness. All killer, no filler. Plus for that added OMG I Need These in my Life factor, why not opt to have your magnums with boggly eyes? Once you go boggly, you’ll never go back…

Each Regular Magnum Medley will contain at least three flavours, each Large Magnum Medley will contain at least four flavours.

Ingredients and allergen information

Allergens in bold

All Cake Magnums contain soya.

RASPBERRY RIPPLE – contains soya.

BISCOFFERY – contains soya.

FUDGE ‘EM – contains soya.

CHONKOLATE – contains soya.

JUPITER – contains soya.

I SHOULD COCO – contains soya.

RED VELVET – contains soya.

THE AMBASSADOR – contains nuts (hazelnuts) and soya.

GINGER BAKER – contains soya and sulphur-based preservative

BANOFFEE PIE – contains soya and sulphur-based preservative


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