Flapjack Mighty Box





A mightily delicious, mightily huge box of flapjacks to share with your friends, family or co-workers. All your favourite flapjack Box Set combinations but on a much larger scale. Sharing is caring, folks!

Flapjack flavour options are:

  • Lucky Dip – a selection of flavours from across our range. 5 each of 5 flavours, with or without nuts.
  • Voyage of Biscoffery – cinnamon extravaganza, featuring classic Biscoffery, My Caramel Romance (with salted caramel), Biscoffery White (with white chocolate), Biscoffery Milk (with milk chocolate) and Biscoffery Dark (with dark chocolate). An epic journey!
  • The Big Beasts – chunky mighty flavours of Fudge ‘Em (triple choc), The Ambassador (Ferrero Rocher), PBJT (peanut butter and strawberry), Snickathon (peanuts, caramel, milk choc)
  • Chocotastic – 5 each of 5 flavours from our range of chocolate flapjacks.
  • Tutti Frutti – 5 each of 5 flavours from our range of fruity flapjacks
  • Flapjack Box Set of the Month – our latest exciting offering of 4 different seasonal flavours!


Or why not choose a Mighty Box of delicious traybakes? We make completely gluten-free, vegan Millionaire’s Shortbread, Tiffin, Choccy Road and different flavour versions of these.

OR! In a final plot twist, if you love both flapjacks and traybakes, mix it up with both in one Mighty Box. Receive 3 different lucky dip flapjacks (nut-free) and 2 different traybakes. It’ll be amazing!


N.B. You will receive 5 different flavours of flapjack in your Mighty Box, unless a different number of flavours is stated in the description. Please note that there is no product separation between the flavours so this collection may not be suitable for those with an allergy to any of the ingredients.

Ingredients and allergen information

Allergens in bold

For ingredients, please visit the Our Ingredients page.

Lucky Dip/Flapjacks of the Month – can contain nuts (various) and sulphur preservative

Lucky Dip – nut-free flavours will be selected. Can contain sulphur preservative

Chocotastic – can contain soya (Jupiter flavour only)and sulphur preservative

Tutti Frutti – can contain sulphur preservative

The Big Beasts – can contain nuts (various including peanuts)

Voyage of Biscoffery – There are no key allergens in this one!


As much as we’d like to put a flapjack on your computer, we have to use cookies instead. We hope that’s ok. 

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