Springtime 3's Company Box Set



No, this is not a special episode of an American sitcom from the late ’70s, it’s a fantastical celebration of our delicious Springtime menu across three completely different formats: the Flapjack, the Monster Cookie and the Cake Magnum. It’s a taste and texture carnival as we take you on a Springtime journey through our exciting gluten-free and vegan treats, plus there’s the cutest little fluffy yellow chick to make your day.

It may not be possible for you to see people at the moment so we have created something really delicious and exciting, and very importantly postable, so you can send people a treat, no matter where you both are right now. We can also include a personalised message, just let us know in the Notes section at Checkout.

Remember, you can also warm up the cookies* until they go gooey, it’s game changer.

NB: Each 3’s Company Box Set contains three pairs of each of the three products, all in the Springtime Flavour Menu of Cream Egg, Lemon Blueberry Chick, Chonkolate and Jupiter. Please keep the Cake Magnums refrigerated.

*Heat cookie on full power in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, or in a moderate oven for 3-4 minutes. Serve with ice cream, yoghurt or just full on face plant into it. Drool.

Ingredients and allergen information

Allergens in bold

Contains soya.


LEMON BLUEBERRY CHICK – There are no key allergens in this one!

CREAM EGG – There are no key allergens in this one!


CHONKOLATE – Contains soya.


JUPITER – Contains soya.


As much as we’d like to put a flapjack on your computer, we have to use cookies instead. We hope that’s ok. 

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