Half and Half - Customisable Doughnut Box Set





Create your own Half and Half combination box from any of our core menu of vegan, gluten-free, baked doughnut flavours! Pick any two flavours, choose which size of box you’d like and we’ll put it all together for you…split half and half!

N.B. You’ll get three of each flavour in the regular box set (6 in total) and six of each flavour in the large box set (12 in total). There is no product separation within the box sets and so this box set may not be suitable for those with an allergy to any of the ingredients we use. Please contact us for specific ingredient advice.

Ingredients and allergen information

Allergens in bold

All doughnut bases contain soya. For ingredients, please visit the Our Ingredients page.

A CHOCKWORK ORANGE – contains soya.

BANOFFEE PIE – Contains soya and sulphur-based preservative.

BISCOFFERY – Contains soya.

CHERRY BAKEWELL – Contains soya, nuts (almonds) and sulphur-based preservative. The glace cherries on top have been processed in an environment that may contain nuts, peanuts and sesame.

CHONKOLATE – contains soya.

FUDGE ‘EM – Contains soya.

FUDGE ‘EM WHITE – Contains soya.

GINGER BAKER – Contains soya and sulphur-based preservative.

I SHOULD COCO – Contains soya.

JUPITER – Contains soya.

KEY LIME PIE – Contains soya.

LEMON BLUEBERRY – Contains soya.

PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME – Contains soya and nuts (peanuts).

RASPBERRY RIPPLE – Contains soya.

RED VELVET – Contains soya.

SNICKATHON – Contains soya and nuts (peanuts).


THE AMBASSADOR – Contains soya and nuts (hazelnuts).


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