Ice Lolly Sharing Box




Hello Summer, you absolute beauty! We love sunny days, school holidays, trips to the beach and walks in the park. And to celebrate, we’ve created the perfect accompaniment, loaded flapjacks and baked doughnuts inspired by your favourite ice lollies!

Solero: mango and white chocolate for that epic sorbet and ice cream taste

Mint Feast: refreshing mint, crunchy bits and not forgetting that all-important solid chocolate core

Fab: the most fun of all ice lollies, strawberries and cream with chocolate and aallll the sprinkles

Twister: did you know it’s pineapple, lime and strawberry flavour? Lip-smackingly zingy with a swirl of creaminess

Happy summer, we are here for it!

N.B. Each box set will contain a mixture of these flavours in the form of three doughnuts and four flapjacks. Please note that there is no product separation between the flavours so this collection may not be suitable for those with an allergy to any of the ingredients. We are sorry but mixed box sets cannot be posted at this time.

LOOKING FOR A BIGGER BOX? Check out our Ice Lolly Party Box, it’s double the size for twice the fun!

Ingredients and allergen information

Allergens in bold


SOLERO – Contains sulphur-based preservative

MINT FEAST – There are no key allergens in this one!

FAB – There are no key allergens in this one!

TWISTER – There are no key allergens in this one!


SOLERO – Contains soya and sulphur-based preservative

MINT FEAST – Contains soya

FAB – Contains soya

TWISTER – Contains soya


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